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I greatly appreciate the quality of work that Maro Enterprises has done for my company. The translation was impeccable, and the consulting you provided was just outstanding. I can understand why your work has been appreciated by so many businesses and corporations. I was also very impressed by the credentials that your team possesses. I had never worked with a Ph.D. before! You and your team did the work precisely and without any errors. I am thankful for the detailed work and dedication of your company towards executing our translation project in such a successful way. Muchas Gracias!

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I just wanted to share with you that I, and all my team, were incredibly impressed with the Cross-cultural Communication training seminar that we recently attended in Scottsdale. Your speakers shared a weath of knowledge. All presentations were clear and incredibly interesting. We now feel totally prepared to extend our operations to China, and open our subsidiary in Beijing. Thank you for all your work, dedication, and patience!

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Maro Translation Services has provided exceptionally high-quality translations of technical documentation. We have been extremely impressed by the prompt service Maro has delivered for us even under the most stringent deadlines. They have worked closely with us to produce whatever format we require and we highly recommend them.